• Greenway Subbética

    Posted on May 12, 2015 by in Environment

    The Greenway Subbética is today one of the most beautiful and interesting routes of the Andalusian community, this path, ideal for both on foot and by bicycle has a length of approximately 58 kilometers and is built on the old route of the ‘oil train’ ‘that formerly flowed between the villages of Luque and Lucena also through Zueros, Doña Mencia and Cabra, since the rail infrastructure took years without being used.

    The Greenway Subbética got its start in the river Guadajoz Viaduct, which is situated right on the border between Cordoba and Jaen, the remodeling of the route has meant that a lot of tourists and visitors enjoy the wonderful scenery and flora and fauna. The traveler can enjoy watching continuous olive groves flanking the road in the first kilometers, after crowning the Collado de las Arcas After a few kilometers, the road gradually slopes making the journey in a very pleasant and easy to navigate, because that this pathway has been designed on the old rail infrastructure. Along the miles travelers find spectacular scenery and great looks, such as the Laguna del Salobral, or some of the old stations ‘oil train’, which have been remodeled and are currently used as restaurants such as those of Luque at kilometer 10 and Doña Mencia at Kilometer 20.

    Along the entire route the traveler has to cross a lot of bridges and viaducts, many of them, despite having been remodeled and restored sometimes retain their original appearance such as the bridge Zuheros. Finally it should be noted that today still being conducted restoration and refurbishment of many old buildings, which foster the Greenway Subbética even if possible, a more spectacular and worthy place to visit for anyone with the opportunity.

    Vía verde de la Subbética

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